Employee Benefits

At Regency, we are your corporate benefits specialists. We offer a broad range of products and services in the areas of Group Benefits, Group Retirement, and Corporate Consulting.

We focus on the unique needs of our clients; building partnerships that give us the insights we need to plan effective strategies to meet their objectives. It’s a winning approach where everyone benefits.

We deliver superior plans because of the strength of our specialized consultants. Every consultant has extensive knowledge and expertise in corporate benefit plan design combined with a broad understanding of the associated industry trends, costs and legislative environment in order to provide superior consulting solutions.

Our consultants focus on your unique requirements. They are committed to building partnerships that give them the insight they need to plan strategies that meet your company's objectives.

With our strong relationships and alliances with key providers and industry affiliates we are then able to deliver the plan that best meets your needs.

It's a winning approach where everyone benefits.
Defining and executing an effective group benefits and retirement strategy is a big challenge for businesses today. At Regency, we deliver customized employee benefits planning services that help you attract and retain the best and brightest employees so you can achieve your business goals.
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